logoAbout the Society


Founded early in February, 1975, the basic objectives of the Society are –

Creation and maintenance of Museum and Library facilities featuring the history of the general Bothwell area.

Collection, recording and preservation of the history of the Bothwell area, both written and oral, including photographs, documents, artefacts and other historical material.

Conducting meetings, walks, discussions and lectures, etc, to assist members and the public to understand and learn about the history of the area.



The current 2019-20 Committee comprises –

Chairman/President – Mr Ron Sonners

Secretary – Mr Keith Allcock

Treasurer/Public Officer – Mr Ron Sonners

Official Historian – Mrs Mary Ramsay

Collection Curators – Ms Cally Lyons, Mr Wayne Doran

Cemetery Rep. Ms Christine O’Halloran

AuditorMrs Kate Bowden


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